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More Poems to Pass the Time Under Current Circumstances

by John Aquino on 03/31/20

In my last post, I offered some clerihews--humorous short poems of two rhyming couplets of varying length, some by W.H. Auden and a few of mine, to amuse during state-wide self-quarantine. As the stay-at-home orders continue, here are some more of my clerihews.

Alexander Graham Bell/Sometimes just swore like hell/But Mrs. Bell demanded he/Spoke on the phone with propriety.

Bond-Girl Ursula Andress/Had a body that spoke of undress/But her voice caused the producers to will/She be dubbed by Nikki Van der Zyl.

William Shakespeare before he was dead/Left his wife his second-best bed/But of choices there was only one/The best went to the Earl of Southampton.

Peter, Paul, John, and Ringo/ Cut their hair and hollered "Bingo"/It was so elemental/That they cut it "existential."

Rocky Marciano/Was a boxer and paisano/It hasn't been repeated/That he retired undefeated.

Being at home in self-quarantine/Isn't as hard as it may seem/While wiping things down, wearing a glove/At least I'm with the one I love.

Copyright 2020 by John T. Aquino

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1. Mary West said on 4/1/20 - 04:17AM
What fun! Thank you.
2. Mary West said on 4/1/20 - 04:18AM
What fun! Thank you.

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