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Reviews of Truth and Lives on Film
"Although A Perfect Storm presents a unique circumstance because most of the film’s story was invented purely out of necessity since no witnesses to the actual events survived, Aquino offers a good overview of the evolution of a legal challenge to a film based on factual circumstances andreal people.

...In chapter 3, Aquino dissects thirteen courtroom dramas based on actual
trials. His format is interesting, first presenting the actual facts of each trial,
then describing the dramatized version, and concluding with a discussion of the
legal issues presented. This chapter alone makes the book worth buying, for both
entertainment and informational purposes.

...Truth and Lives on Film : The Legal Problems of Depicting Real Persons and Events in a Fictional Medium does a good job of providing a substantive legal analysis of a limited area of law that, in Aquino’s opinion, is restricted by the dearth of published case law."
                                                                               --Adrienne Cobb, Law Library Journal

"provides a framework for thinking about legal issues in film"