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 John T. Aquino--Books and Articles

Truth and Lives on Film: The Legal Problems of Depicting Real Persons and Events in a Fictional Medium, McFarland, 2005; second edition 2022

Saints for Lawyers, PublishAmerica, 2007 (Currently out of print)

The Radio Burglar: Thief Turned Cop Killer in 1920s Queens, Exposit, 2022

Sample Freelance Articles

 “Socko! Boffo! Wrong! But Don’t Expect Much Help from Libel Laws,” Washington Post, July 1, 2001, p.B1.

“Storms and Suits,” American Lawyer, Nov. 2002

"Examination and Prayer," Catholic Standard, August 9, 2001, 11.

Whose Characters Are These, Anyway?”, Washington Post, May 19, 2002, p. B04.

"'Da Vinci Code' Case Stretched Legal Thinking on What Can Be Protected by Copyright," Entertainment Law and Finance, May 2006, 1-2; reprinted in Entertainment Arts Sports Law Journal (New York State Bar Association) Summer 2006.

 “The Video Sites They Are A-Changing,” Intellectual Property Watch, October 12, 2006; reprinted in Internet Law and Finance, November 2006.

“Film’s IP Jewel In Peril, US Motion Picture Association Panelists Say,” Intellectual Property Watch, February 7, 2007.

“Filmmakers as Jesting Pilate?: The Issue of Truth in Fact-Based Films,” Arts and Entertainment Sports Law Journal, Fall/Winter 2007, 31