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John T. Aquino's Fiction
"We've Been Invited to a Party," A Matter of Crime No. 2,  Harvest, 1987.

"The Sad Wizard," Camelot Chronicles, Running Press, 1994.

"A Figure in Faerie Time," Chronicles of the Round Table, Robinson, 1997.

"When the Dead Rise Up," Shakespearean Whodunnits, Robinson, 1997.

"The Name Catcher's Tale," Shakespearean Detectives, Carroll & Graf, 1998.

"The Mysterious Death of the Shadow Man," Royal Whodunnits, Robinson, 1999.

"The Crossroads at Churubsco," The Mammoth Book of Sword and Honor, Robinson, 2000.

"A Dead Man's Wish," Jacobean Whodunnits, Running Press, 2006.
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